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Our Solutions Include:


Impactful information technology services to support management of homelessness within a County region is a key offering from the Health Roads team. Our team brings over eleven years of experience developing and implementing a range of homeless management information systems (HMIS) based solutions in multiple California counties to collect, manage, interpret and apply data for the purposes of improving housing and health outcomes. 

Community members served through our work included all HUD target populations and subpopulations (homeless individuals, homeless households with adults and children, homeless transitional aged youth, homeless youth 18 and under, persons who are pregnant and parenting, persons at risk of homelessness, survivors newly homeless due to wildfire and floods, veterans, persons with serious mental illness and/or substance use disorders and those impacted by racial disparities).


Solutions for

Health & Human



Project Manage local initiatives of data collection, reporting and other technical work to support Outreach, Engagement and Benefits Enrollment.


Design Surveys, Assessments and custom data collection tools within various HMIS systems to support locally designed outreach, engagement and enrollment initiatives.


Develop Stakeholder Training to drive reporting accuracy that affords key stakeholders actionable information for the decision making.


Develop data quality analysis and suggest data quality improvement techniques and approaches. Develop analytics and reports both within HMIS or using outside tools used by the Continuum of Care (CoC) organizations (e.g. Power BI, Excel, Looker, Tableau) with the collected data to support outreach, engagement and benefits enrollment.


Develop predictive models to identify and target early preemptive interventions for persons at-risk-for-homelessness. Health Roads team can bring innovative approaches to combine HMIS, clinical and other data sources from the local government agencies (e.g., income history data from Social Services) to identify population for intervention through outreach and engagement. Health Roads has both Big Data analysts as well as Data Scientist (with various levels of programming experience) who would be consulted to build such models.


Codevelop consumer-centered use cases and streamlined workflows with and for homeless service system staff. Health Roads team can apply Lean methodology so that program designs take less time to achieve to their highest value, remove unnecessary staff burden and maximize client impact.


Integrate HMIS data with Health Information Exchanges and other Health IT systems to provide more holistic picture of homeless clients that support informed priority management for housing placement.


Our team has expertise in the following Continuum of Care Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS):

ClientTrack by Eccovia


Apricot 360 and Efforts to Outcomes by Bonterra


ServicePoint by WellSkye

WellSky logo.png

Clarity by BitFocus

Bitfocus logo.png
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